Mighty Apple, Inc. is Most Innovative Company of the Year Says BusinessWeek


Now that I know I can’t say anything bad about Apple, it gives me great pride to say that BusinessWeek just proclaimed Apple the most innovative company for the year 2007. All hail Steve Jobs, who makes only $1 in salary per year because he’s so generous. With the iPod now having achieved “Q-Tip”-like penetration and a streaming media solution (which have never existed in the past) under its belt (I hear it also makes computers), Apple stepped up its game and will bring us a cellphone next month. A cellphone with a touchscreen.

Innovate. Apple. Love.

Other companies on the list—which was complied by bothering top executives at all sorts of companies—include Google (no. 2), AT&T (no. 35), Nokia (no. 18) and RIM (no. 34, pre-blackout most likely).

But no one’s better than Apple, king of innovation.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies [BusinessWeek]