Moving Day for Mario?

mario.jpgEmployees at Nintendo of America were told on Thursday that the company would be relocating. Game Informer Online is reporting that employees were told that they would have to decide by June 1st whether or not they would be willing to relocate or accept a severance package, and that the new offices would be opened as early as this fall. Both San Francisco and New York were pointed as being potential new locations for the company’s HQ, which is currently located in Redmond, Washington.

New York could seem like a safe bet since this was where the original Nintendo of America offices were created in 1980, until moving to Redmond in 1982. The current offices house the sales and marketing departments, as well as the localization, testing, customer service, events and planning, human resources and product warehouses, as well as the offices for Nintendo Power magazine.

Nintendo Of America Moving Forces Out Of Seattle?[Game Informer Online]