Portable DirecTV Unit Available Now; Includes Power, TV

sat-go.jpgI live in an apartment. It is a nice apartment with great views of most of Seattle, from the Downtown all the way up to the U-District and even the Freemont Bridge. Sadly, like many apartment dwellers, I’m limited to cable TV. My building has strict rules against DirecTV-style mini dishes. The manager says it’s about decor, we think it’s more to do with the heft discount Comcast gives him for his own TV.

The Sat-Go might be an alternative. Sure, it’s price at $1,499, and I’d still have to pay for service, but I can take this portable dish with me anywhere, which I like. The unit isn’t just a dish, but also a receiver, tuner, and 17-inch LCD monitor, and the whole shebang runs on internal Li-Ion batteries. That’s very awesome.

No word on how long the charge lasts, but as it has no moving parts and is a passive receiver, we’re guessing longer than a laptop. And as it comes with a cigarette plug adapter, you can really take it anywhere you wanna watch TV, so long as you’re in line of sight. I could be very popular in many bars around here, I should think.

Sat-Go [product page, via MobileMag]