T-Mobile Plans Cellphone-over-Wifi Service for This Summer


You’re always going to have spotty service and, from my personal experience, T-Mo has been having some trouble here in New York. To help fix that problem, T-Mobile will launch Hotspot at Home this summer, a service that lets soon to be released cellphones (from Nokia and Samsung) hop onto Wi-Fi networks to make phone calls. So if your room or office has poor cellphone reception, your Wi-Fi network can be used to make cellphone calls instead of the regular network. One of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments to be sure.

Since cubicle dwellers aren’t allowed to leave their 3×3-foot square during the day and often times have terrible cellphone reception, analysts think businesses are the first place where Hotspot at Home will catch on. Anything that lowers the amount minutes you have to buy each month can’t be all that bad.

How Wi-Fi Can Extend T-Mobile’s Range [Wall Street Journal]