Top Five PSP Mods That Don't Involve Throwing It Out

Check your calendar. Yes, it’s a Friday, also known as “we need a list of something”-day on the Web. Today’s, care of TechEBlog (they’re good at these lists), is the Top Five PSP Mods. While I say the best PSP mod is the one where you throw it in the garbage and hate yourself for paying full price, apparently there’s a few other ones as well.

This one involves robots, which already makes it nerd-cool. The gentleman uses the PSP to control its movements and knock stuff over.

But out of all five mods, the best has to be this motion sensor mod. It looks to be nothing more than a tiny mobo jacked into the system. Looks are deceiving, however, as lateral movement of the PSP controls the on-screen action. Like a mini Wii of sorts.

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