YouTube to Start Paying Certain Users for Their Videos


Pass Google’s vigorous test and you might start getting paid for all of your uploaded YouTube videos. Everyday users, perhaps even including Internet super megastar lonelygirl15, stand to benefit from a program that Google hopes will encourage users to upload more and better clips to the site. For once, the creators of user-generated content will be compensated for making all these valuable Web 2.0 properties—YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.—worth as much as they are.

In order to start receiving your slice of the action, contact YouTube, which will then consider your application. If it says yes, just let the $unknown roll in. Keep in mind, not only is selection and approval on a case by case basis, but you damn well better have enough viewers to justify getting paid. This won’t cut it; this might.

YouTube starts paying ‘select’ uploaders [The Register]