SlideAware to Add New Features to Presentation Management Platform

slideawarePresentation management platform provider SlideAware will be launching new features Monday that build on what is already a useful tool.

SlideAware launched in March with a feature set that included the ability to create a flash version of a PowerPoint presentation, host it on SlideAware and then share a link to the presentation. Whilst far from being alone in offering this functionality, SlideAware offers additional services that make it a better candidate for business use; fine grain access control, including the ability to make presentation private and password controlled, detailed analytics on viewing of the presentation and support for key PowerPoint features including builds.

On Monday SlideAware adds a number of new features:

1. The ability to add notes to specific areas of slides, similar to comments in ConceptShare
2. Rich presence management (picture in picture like preview of slides that other users are viewing and the ability to sync with a single click) & chat
3. The ability to retrieve all notes directly in PowerPoint so that updates can be made

The new feature set will not go astray in strengthening SlideAware’s pitch as a collaborative tool.

The company offers a free version for basic personal use, and paid versions for professional and workgroup use.

Exclusive screen shots of the new features in action as follows: