10 Reasons Why Microsoft Won't Buy Yahoo!

Joe Wilcox over at Microsoft Watch compiled a great list of 10 reasons why Microsoft and Yahoo! won’t get hitched. Some are legitimate reasons while others are for laughs, but what do you, fine readers, have to say about this?

10. On Monday, Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s incoming chief software architect, declared that AJAX was dead. Long live Silverlight.

9. Yahoo CEO Terry Semel is a foreign car kind of guy, while Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is strictly Detroit.

8. Steve Case, architect of the AOL Time Warner merger, made repeated “Boo Hoo!” crank calls to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

7. Microsoft executives balked at marketers’ “We’re No. 2” ad campaign against Google.

6. Yahoo had second thoughts when Microsoft’s Hotmail service spit back all the wedding invitations as spam.

5. The matchmaking computer recommending the two pair up ran Linux.

4. The computer recommending against the matchup ran Windows Server Longhorn Beta 3.

3. Old school guy Ballmer thought that the bride should pay the $40 billion dowry.

2. The court clerk’s computer, running Windows 98, crashed when generating the marriage license.

1. Semel refused to run Windows Vista on Yahoo computers until the release of Service Pack 1.

[via Microsoft Watch]