Breaking: Zune Event News, Zune Phone, Flash-based Zune (Don't Exist)


We’d heard rumors around the Internetings that today Microsoft would be disclosing a major announcement today regarding Zune. Our top source indicated that if there was anything today, it’d be the confirmation of the Zune Phone. We also hear it would instead pertain to the oft-mentioned flash-RAM-based “Zune Mini”. As it turns out, it’s a little of both. We’ve spent the last 44 minutes talking with the powers that be in Redmond, and they’ve given us quite a shocker.

Despite what we’ve heard to the contrary, we can now say that there is no such announcement from Zune today. Nor was there. Both of those rumors are equally wrong, sorry. Someone started a rumor, and it got legs. This is what happens when you’re irresponsible on the Web, people.

When we pinged our man Cesar at Zune Insider earlier today, his response was perfect:

Dude. Can you print this in big bold font:

Not every Zune rumor on the internet is true.


No I’m just kidding, but seriously I’m not sure how these things start :)

We know how. Someone on some fanboy site was wasted over the weekend (Cinco de Mayo, yah?) and decided to start some sparks. Thanks to that person for getting everyone all excited. You are a jerk.

Just so you don’t feel like your time has been wasted (it has), here is a video of an adorable kitten giving another kitten a massage.