Epoq MPEG4 Watch: Wow, Cool

I’ve heard of MP3 playing watches. I’ve heard of TV watches. Wasn’t it just a matter of time until they stuck the two together and created an MPEG4 watch with OLED screen? It looks kind of vaporwarey, but I’d wear a big honking watch with 2GB of storage ($169.95) that plays back MPEG4 video. A 4GB version is also in the works.

Seriously: I’d load it up with episodes of Entourage and look like the biggest freak in the world staring at my watch for hours at a time.

The best part is that this thing isn’t actually just a hunk of plastic with a screen. It has some style including that little pop out port protector and those Cartier-esque buds on the lugs. Stylish and high-tech!

Product Page via FirstToYou