Scientists Figure Out How to Wire Quantum Computers


D-Wave’s Orion may be a step in the right direction in the field of quantum computing, but many of its detractors are still waiting for something a little more credible to appear on the scene. Enter RIKEN, a team of Japanese researchers who now are able to “controllably couple qubits.” Thought not the first to accomplish this (a team at UC Berkley did so last year), the Japanese findings confirm that qubit coupling is the real deal. Wired calls qubit coupling “analogous to the wiring of transistors on a circuit board. When qubits are coupled, they can affect one another — thus acting as something like classical logic gates.”

All of that just to say, scientists have figured out how to “wire” quantum computers. This picture here shows the qubits connected together. Apparently.

It’s the “Wiring” That’s Tricky in Quantum Computing [Wired]