Zonbu Networked Linux PC: Hack-in-box?

zonbu_comp.jpgA company called Zonbu is offering a paperback-thin desktop PC for $99 that runs Gentoo Linux on 4GB of internal flash. Where are all your files stored? On Zonbu’s $12.95 a month servers, that’s where. Made by some of the same folks who built the Vudu, I’m 100% certain this will become a nicely subsidized hacker’s toy in the first two months its available. Once the service flops, expect to see a wonderfully active Zonbu mod collective adding hard drives, web servers, and remote controls to this bugger.

Apparently it has lots of handy software built-in in include Firefox and Openoffice, but I’m not sure why you couldn’t buy an old Pentium for $50 on eBay and install Ubuntu for the same effect.

Sucker? Every minute?

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