Apple Insider Says: Crunch Not So Hot Yet

crunch.jpgAs Apple TV users, we were excited by the launch last week of Crunch, Roxio’s video conversion application that’s focused on the set-top box market. Roxio makes Toast, the super-easy-to-use disc authoring and burning app that has fans all over. If it could do for video conversion what it did for optical discs, then it’d be a great app, right?

Well, maybe. Apple Insider has published a very in-depth review, including a feature comparison with other programs like Handbrake (which is now updated to include Apple TV profiles, thank you very much). The article’s a good read, but to break it down, Crunch is still young. If you’re really into Toast, the interface should be easy, but as far as quality of the encoded content goes, there are better options.

I personally use VisualHub to do my Apple TV conversions, and couldn’t be happier. While there are faster converters out there, the slick interface and batch options make it a no-brainer. In addition, it keeps the 5.1-audio tracks if your source has it, unlike most other converting apps.

Don’t take our word for it, though, we’re just the messenger. Read around and figure it out for yourself.

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