Mother's Day iPod Giveaway: The Items Can Be Virtual

gearnano20060912.pngWhip out MS Paint, draw your mommy a card, and send it along, folks. I’m even canceling the “voting” portion and will pick a winner at random tomorrow at noon EST. To be fair, I will pick one of the three “physical” entrants in a separate pool than the “virtual” entrants, ensuring that they have a better chance of winning. Read on for full details, again.

OK, guys. It’s six days until Mother’s Day and you don’t have anything for your mom. How about an iPod Nano and some chocolates, courtesy of Best Buy. Here’s what’s going to happen. I have two iPods lying around here and, in order to ensure they go out in time for Mom to get one, I need entries by 12:00 PM EST Wednesday, May 9 and we’ll vote until 12:00PM EST Thursday, May 10. I’ll ship out the iPods that afternoon in hopes of them arriving by Sunday, May 13. What do you need to do to win?

You have to make Mom/your sig. (wife, girlfriend, baby mama) other something for Mother’s Day. It can be a piece of paper with paperclips stuck to it saying “TANKS MOM!” or a piece of construction paper with elbow macaroni spelling out “I LUV U.” We don’t care, as long as its a piece of original art, physical or virtual. Take a picture and send it to contest at crunchgear dot com with the subject line “MUDDA.” Include the words “Thanks, CrunchGear” somewhere on the object so you don’t just dig through the trash and send a picture of something you made at sleepaway camp in 1975.

We’ll post the entrants and vote on Thursday. We’ll be voting on creativity and coolness and the top two entrants will be able to trade up from macaroni sculptures to red hot iPods. If we don’t get at least 10 entrants, I’m canceling the contest, so tell all your friends and relations.

Special thanks to Best Buy for the delightful, Mom-happiness inducing Nanos.