Soltronix Solar Powered AM/FM Radio: Save the Environment, Listen to Hot Talk


From the looks of it, going “green” is set to become the next SoHo fashion trend, following the micro-sized dog fad that’s all the rage right now. One way to get jump on the bandwagon is with the Soltronix Headphone AM/FM Radio. It’s a pair of solar powered headphones whose solar cells are sensitive enough to run with just 30 percent light exposure. It sort of works like those hybrid cars: surplus power that’s generated from the solar cells and not used to power the headphones are used to charge the battery. So no matter how much cloud cover there is, you should be able to use ’em. The rate seems a little on the slow side, with one full hour of solar charging panning out to 1-2 hours of use.

I have no idea, but judging from the picture, these headphones don’t look like they’ll sound all that hot, especially since I’ve been spoiled by other, higher quality headphones. Listening to Hannity while jogging might be worth it, though.

Solar Headset AM/FM Radio [Edmund Scientific via Shiny Shiny]