CPC Strap: Potentially Better Than an Arab Strap

Oh… my… God. We get stuff in our mailbox that causes us to pause, puke a little, and move on. But this, friends, will not allow us to move on. It screams at us from the depths — “POST ME! POST ME!” — and jibbers madly in our minds, filling our every waking moment with torment. What is it? It’s a strap for your phone.

You strap it to your wrist or ankle. Then you cry. Slowly, as the sun rises on your shame, you take the revolver, you take a slug of whiskey and begin to rethink this crazy ride called life. Why? Because you have a phone strapped to your ankle.You know this is the end. Want more reason to pull that trigger? We quote:

When you wear your Bluetooth headset and your cell phone strapped around your ankle:
* You have flair
* You have a strong sense of style.
* You are a trendsetter and you don’t mind being the center of attention.
In public everyone will noteist you waring the CPC Strap™
This is the ultimate cellular fashion for those who like to
“Get Yo Strap On™”

Please. Make it stop. Please.
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