Game Boy XP PC

The Nintendo Game Boy. The pinnacle of portable gaming.

Now though the original Game Boy no longer lives on, some crafty Japanese DIYer cooked up this PC inside an original Nintendo Game Boy. The A and B buttons have been replaced with indicator-lights and the cartridge slot is now a CF reader. The CF card that it comes with has Windows XP pre-installed so you can log on right away. Most excellent!

But don’t think this is a half-assed effort here. This modder did the full works and added two USB ports to the side, VGA out for an external display, and there’s a built-in networking adapter (not sure if it’s gigabit Ethernet or not). Either way, any dork worthy of the title would love to have this PC in his or her office I’m sure. If you want one, start booking a flight to Japan or get out the soldering iron and take a week off from work.

Gameboy XP PC [PlasticBamboo]