Next King of Fighters Arcade Screens Leaked

Mmmm I’m not sure how I feel about another 3D King of Fighters, but I’ll let SNK slide this time around. This new incarnation of the hit 2D-fighting game will be heading to arcades sometime this summer. Dubbed King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation, the game uses Taito’s Type X2 PC-based machine, which greatly improves upon graphics and sound.

Some gamers are crying over the graphics and how they aren’t as pretty as SEGA’s Virtual Fighter 5, but any true KoF gamer knows that it’s all about the gameplay, not the visuals. Looks exciting. I’ll have to check one of the few arcades left in America to see if any of them will be carrying this title. I could go for some old-fashioned, SNK-style fighting.

First images of the next King of Fighters out! [Arcade Heroes via Kotaku]