Orignal Poker Chip Customizer: Liquor Up Front, Poker In The Rear

If you play a lot of poker and want to turn your basement into a personal, private casino for your high-rollin’ friends, you’ll want to pick up the The Original Poker Chip Customizer. For $29.95, you get some software for designing your custom logo (with templates or from scratch), high-quality glossy labels and a label-placement jig (in case you’ve got yourself a case of the shakes or, you know, want to apply them perfectly). The company also sells extra labels and chips in case you don’t have your own. Then there’s the deluxe edition. Hit the jump for details on that sweet set for the non-poker-chip-havin’ people. (Makes the perfect gift!)

The $59.99 Original Poker Chip Customizer Deluxe Edition comes with everything you see: Lots of chips, dice and a couple packs of cards in sturdy metal case. And of course, the materials to label your chips.

imgp0532.JPGThis is the jig that holds your chip while you apply the labels to each and every chip. Sounds tedious, but the fruits of all the labor seem pretty worth it ’cause the resulting chips look great and the labels are firmly attached so it’ll be awhile before they’ll need to be replaced even under heavy use I would imagine.