Details On The Simpsons Video Game

The boys over at Kotaku got a chance to spend quite a bit of time with the new Simpsons game that’s due out this summer from Electronic Arts. Aside from an awesome party with hilarious parodies of current video games (“Grand Theft Scratchy”, “Bartman Begins”), they say the game is very well done and includes plenty of creative input from the show’s writers.

Apparently, the game will consist of 16 episodes divided into four chapters. Each episode will feature FMV sequences of Simpsons characters and over 8000 lines of dialog. The plot of the game revolves around the Simpsons realizing they’re in a video game and making the best of their situation. There’s so much more to the game including Homer eating tons of food until he turns into a giant ball of fat. Hit the link below for some pictures and a full preview of the game.

Simpsons The Game, The Details [Kotaku]