Halo 2 Hits The 5 Million Mark

You know your game is a smash hit when millions of people purchase your game, but what about when millions of people go out of their way to play that game online? That’s called a huge success and Bungie certainly deserves some credit. Yesterday, the 5 millionth player logged on to XBL to play Halo 2. Since its release two-and-a-half years ago, Halo 2 has seen enormous success and growth of over 2 million new players a year.

Oh and by the way, those 5 million players don’t include guest accounts or guest players, which means countless numbers of people have played Halo 2 at least once. Bungie is also about to hit 700 million unique multiplayer games on XBL, which like the 5 million mark, is also an amazing feat. I can only imagine what the numbers for Halo 3 will look like a couple years down the road…

Halo 2 hits 5 million players! [Bungie]