Another Asian Power Suit: Why They'll Win the War


Maybe it’s not quite as uber-strong as the HAL-5 exoskeleton, the Tokyo University of Science’s Muscle Suit is still nothing to be laughed at. Exchanging actual muscle usage for gadgetry, the powered suit lets you lift things your normally couldn’t on your own, like Rush Limbaugh.

The suit’s not portable, though; an external compressor and air regulation system are required to activate the pneumatics. This means it’ll likely find insdustrial uses, like in factories or in the garage of Lohan’s coke dealer.

It’s not commercial yet, so no price, but we see this little sub-market blowing up in the next few years as industrialists try to come up with new ways to make their poor workers more productive.

Muscle Suit [Danny Choo, via Plastic Bamboo]