Apple Market Share Increases

In the past, Apple has never been a big-enough player to top market share lists. But the past few years for the fruit straight outta Cupertino have been good ones. So good, that this year Apple got onto NDP’s top manufacturers list. Since Dell and manufacturers who sell direct aren’t included, the list is a bit off, but don’t let that spoil your excitement.

Apple placed fourth on the list of top US retail notebook sales, capturing 9.9-percent market share. As for desktops, Apple made that list as well, grabbing a 7.7-percent market share. It may not seem like much, but think about how many computers are sold each year. Plus, Apple has never been on either list, so this is big news. Unfortunately, Sandisk is slowly taking some of the iPod’s market share, although not a huge chunk. Apple is now at 68.9-percent market share, while Sandisk is now at 11.2-percent.

Apple snags 10 percent of U.S. retail notebook sales in March [Apple Insider]