Electronic Cigarettes: All the Nicotine You Can Handle, None of the Cancer


I’m no smoker because my parents raised me right, but there are millions of you out there who love your Lucky Strikes. Too bad that, you know, they cause cancer and everything. Realizing this, a Chinese company has developed electronic cigarettes, which fully replicate the act of smoking, complete with a physical cigarette, vapor and the satisfying, um, smoking part. Users of the eCig still get their daily dose of nicotine but without anyone of the carcinogen-containing tar and other bundles of fun. One puff and in seven to 10 seconds sweet, sweet nicotine begins its magical journey inside your body.

Whoever said the Chinese don’t innovate? This is clearly an invention for the Ages, especially at only around $200 per cigarette.

Chinese “e-cigarette” helps you stub out the habit [Reuters via Sci Fi Tech]