Halo 3 Pre-orders Hit Four Million Mark

Yesterday, we talked about how Halo 2 is tearing up the record-books over at Bungie. Today, it’s time for Halo 3 to have a turn in the limelight. Gamestop is reporting that between Funcoland, EB Games, and Gamestop, over four million people have pre-ordered Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. This doesn’t even include any other private game stores that are taking pre-orders, so I’d assume that number is closer to 5 million pre-orders total.

Sounds to me like consoles aren’t the new cash crop anymore. If you can, pre-order five copies of Halo 3 and sell them on Craigslist. Ten bucks says you’d make a killing marking up the price from $65 to $80. Plus, if you can score a Legendary Edition of the game, that’s even more cash in your pocket since a limited number will be produced. Halo 3 is set to debut around November of this year.

Halo 3 Preorders Reach Over Four-Million in North America [Xbox Evolved]