Time For More Live Drive Online Storage Rumors

Microsoft’s upcoming online storage product, to be called Windows Live Folders (previously known as Live Drive), takes another step towards launch. We’ve been tracking the project for about a year. When the site does launch, look for it at folders.live.com.

More details, including screenshots, are at LiveSide, which somehow (briefly) got access to the site. There isn’t much to review for now and the service is clearly in pre-alpha. At this point, the service allows users to upload files and save them in public, private or shared folders. Total storage limits are 500 MB, and there is no desktop uploader to assist with file management.

LiveSide describes it as a “very basic service” and I agree. It currently has less functionality that some of the startups we’re tracking, such as Box.net.

See our notes on Google’s efforts in this area as well.