Apple May Include WWAN In Future Notebooks

Another day, another Apple rumor. This time, “credible sources” are telling AppleInsider that Jobs & Co. are looking to start including integrated WWAN cards into future notebook models. The card will be optional and will cost around $180. Rumor has it that Apple is also trying to squeeze a WWAN adapter into the notebook lid rather than placing it on/near the logic board so that electromagnetic interference is at a minimum.

No word yet on whether the card will support EVDO or HSDPA, but something tells me that if this rumor has any truth to it, chances are Apple went with HSDPA since AT&T uses it and we all know by now that AT&T is getting the iPhone. Makes sense, right? Who knows at this point.

Source: Apple may build 3G wireless into future notebook model [AppleInsider]