Cisco Planning DVR?

A lot of rumors flying around the inbox today. The latest is that Cisco could be working on a high-end DVR that would sell in retail stores under the Linksys brand. Since Cisco owns Scientific Atlanta and Linksys, this is a totally an option for the networking company. Business Week talks about the box and notes that it would feature DVR capabilities with wireless networking so any television in the house could stream media from it.

But Cisco is looking at both cable companies and retailers to sell the box to. The problem with brick and mortar stores is that no one in their right mind would buy a cable box from a store when the cable company they subscribe to will give it to them for free. There’s a lot of work to be done over at Cisco. Whether they’ll actually make the step to start manufacturing a box is beyond me.

Cisco Steps Up Consumer Push [Business Week via Gizmodo]