Clique This: ChosenVIP

chosenvip.pngHouston based ChosenVIP is an online community that encompasses what many would consider to be the worst thing about high school, social cliques.

The company pitches itself as giving “the average person” the opportunity to become an “e-celebrity.” Members create their own cliques from friends using the site. Through a ratings system users distinguish themselves from others and earn “VIP status”. Non-VIPs earn status from current VIP members. VIP members decide who will join them as VIPs and who will not.

Sounds like High School? it gets worse.

When VIP Status is obtained, users can work to become the top rated member on the site, head cheerleader gal or jock guy. VIP members receive extra privileges, VIP only chat and forum access, deciding who joins the VIP clique, the ability to rate other VIP members and eligibility to win contests and prizes.

Ratings work on periods with rankings reset at the end of each, giving non-VIP’s some hope, however VIP members remain VIP members and do not have to start again. In an interesting twist, the top male and female VIP’s for each period get a free ChosenVIP party in their hometown, local club or nearby venue, in the winners name.

It’s an innovative business model that seeks to tap the primeval lust of humans to be at the top of the heap. It’s not for everyone, but it will have appeal to those still in high school or the kind of people who look back longingly on those days through rose colored glasses as the best in their lives.