Colored Dumbbells Said to Make Exercising More Design Friendly


Thinking that exercise equipment is often too spartan, Alex Undall has drawn up some concept art for future gear that looks like what Luke would use to work out his new electric hand. Here he’s come up with dumbbells made of crystal and in a variety of different colors. These dumbbells, which are nowhere near being released, let alone linked with a manufacturer, are supposed to complement your house’s interior design. Who could say no to multi-colored weights? I bet these would do great in certain neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Undall reasons that consumers spend so much money on exercise equipment each year that the equipment might as well look nice. I guess, but there’s something quite masculine about gray-colored slabs of iron that you raise and lower until your arms feel like they want to explode.

Crystal Dumbbell, Interior Fitness Design [Yanko Design]