Don't Text And Drive In Washington

While NJ may have been one of the first states to ban driving and talking on a cellphone, Washington is smart enough to realize that plenty of people still text while they drive. Now in an effort to curb accidents and careless driving, Washington has made it illegal to operate a cellphone while driving. However, it’s a secondary offense, meaning the po’ can only give you a ticket if they pulled you over for another reason, such as speeding.

The price to pay for texting Sally and gushing to her about the Def Leppard concert you saw last night? $101 per offense. Just think, you could buy an iPod Shuffle with that money. Next time, hide the phone under your seat when the cop comes and you should be good to go. The new ban goes into effect Jan 1, 2008, so drive safe.

Texting & Driving In Washington State banned [BGR]