Gears of War Golf Coming Soon

Most people with an Xbox 360 probably own a copy of Gears of War. Surely they’ve played the hell out of it by now and it’s slowly collecting dust while they wait for a sequel to emerge. No sequel is in the works, but Epic Games boss Mark Rein has confirmed a spin-off of the game entitled Gears of War Golf

Yeah. He’s totally serious. From the article:

Rein says “So we got an animator to make a golf swing for Marcus Fenix, and then a programmer took one of the Gears levels and added some mounds and stuff to make a course.” GoW’s grenade launching mechanic was used for the ball, so let’s all hope it reaches the hole safely.

Half-assed or really fun? I can’t tell how this will end up. Right now, don’t worry about it, because this is currently an internal-project at Epic. However, eventually a public version could be released, so keep your eyes peeled. Peeled off that is.

Gears of War spin-off, Fenix picks up a golf club? []