iPhone's On eBay = Vaporware


I’m not quite sure what disgusts me more than the idiots bidding over $10,000 on eBay for an iPhone or the fact that people are this hyped over a phone that will fail and fall short on everything it promises to deliver. Are people so inept and uneducated that they’re willing to pay someone on the interwebs x amount of dollars for a pre-sale that is technically illegal? Pull your heads out of your asses and wipe the crap from your eyes. You’re being sold vaporware and there’s nothing you can do about it once you bid.

“But he has a 99% positive rating,” so that must mean they’re reliable enough to buy an iPhone from! The supposed street date for the iPhone is June 15 and these auctions promise to ship by June 14 or earlier. Does anyone else notice anything wrong with that? Not to mention the simple and glaring fact that the iPhone hasn’t even been approved by the FCC.

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