Motorola Gets “Smellphone” Patent

motorola.JPGMobile phones can provide sounds easily enough, and even sights. If you count the vibration call alert that’s three of the senses covered, but soon Motorola mobile handsets could also provide smell! Information Week is reporting that last month Motorola received a patent for a “communication device having a scent release feature and method thereof.” This basically turns the cellular phone into a wireless-capable “Glade Plugin” adds Information Week. The technology could work by using the phone’s battery to heat a replaceable scent pack, which would in turn release the fragrance, and even overpower local odors when necessary. “Plug-in units typically provide a stronger scent over a broader area than non-plug-in scented items, given that the scents are activated by the heat energy,” explains the patent. So soon you’ll be able to stimulate four of the senses!

Motorola Granted Patent For ‘Smellophone’ [Information Week via Yahoo]