OurFaves: Word of Mouth Meets City Search

ourfaves.pngToronto based Ourfaves.com seeks to combine city search, social networking, and user-generated content in a one stop destination for a particular city.

City search and profile sites aren’t new. Where OurFaves differs is a focus on user-generated content. OurFaves enables local aficionados to share and discover favorites on a city-wide scale, connecting people with one another and their community in a Web 2.0 environment.

Tagging of entries by contributors sees related information captured and shared across the site that is not simply limited to tourist and mainstream attractions. Samples given are “a perfect patio for summer drinks, an unbelievable mushroom and arugula salad, or a great place to buy vintage rock t-shirts”. Creativity is the only limit on what can be included.

Toronto is the first city to be covered by the company with plans in the works to expand OurFaves into other North American cities in the months to come.