U.K. Mobile Web Audience One-Fifth Size of PC

unionjack.jpgTelephia and comScore have released the findings from their study on mobile versus PC-based Internet usage, and the findings reveal that 5.7 million people in the U.K. used a mobile device to access the Web during this past January, as opposed to 30 million people who accessed the Web from a PC. This puts the mobile Web audience at approximately one-fifth the size of the PC-based Internet audience in the U.K., and the report adds that these early adopters tended to be males under the age of 35.

Male users in the U.K. make up 64 percent of the mobile Web audience, compared to 54 percent of PC of PC Internet users, while 60 percent of mobile web users are male versus 49 percent of PC Internet users.

Mobile Web Audience Already One-Fifth the Size of PC-Based Internet Audience in the U.K. [comScore]