Microsoft Updates HD DVD Player: More Audio Options, Better Disc Compatibility


Microsoft is set to release an update to its HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 today. Most of the updates are audio-related: users now have the option to output all audio as DTS 1.5Mbps, DD 640Kbps or WMAPro. Other little fixes include improved lip syncing and greater compatibility with problematic HD DVD titles. I don’t have the player, but if I did I’d grab this update, pop in “Planet Earth” and not do a damn thing for the rest of the day. It’s pretty crazy here at Deleon, Inc.

Also of note is that Microsoft made the announcement on the AVS forum, which is pretty much the Mecca for all things high definition-related. Looks like Microsoft’s trying to be “down” with its users. Word, son. Et cetera.

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