RakOut Rates Drop

raketu.jpgVoice over IP (VoIP) has already been a reliable way to call friends in far off lands on the cheap, but Raketu, a global Internet communications and information company, is set to drop dial out calling rates for their RakOut VoIP service by up to 66 percent! This is part of a promotion that will run through June 30.

Ratetu runs over any Internet connection on a Windows PC, and uses peer-to-peer technology to provide high quality VoIP calls – so you don’t sound like you’re in a tunnel while making those calls. The catch is that you have to prepay for dial-out minutes not covered under their free promotion. But considering that you can make calls to many locations around the world for free, and that other calls will cost pennies instead of dollars, there seems to be little to lose. So now you can make those super long distance calls, and not have it feel like it cost more than a plane ticket.