Interview With A Warez Scene Releaser

Earlier in the week, I let you know a thing or two about piracy. If you became intrigued, I highly recommend checking out TorrentFreak’s interview with a releaser who does Warez scene releases. In case you forgot or didn’t know, Warez is slang for pirated and cracked software available on the Internet. Some fantastic questions are asked, including questions asked by visitors of the site. My favorite is:

Q: Rene: Is there a big chance of being caught?

It all depends how one behaves. Someone who has servers in Germany and sell copies has a bigger chance of getting caught than someone who is more careful, has its server abroad, and doesn’t get involved with people he or she barely knows.

So if you’re feeling a bit sinister today, grab a bottle of Jolt, open up that key generator, and take a look at the article for some intense Q&A on scene releases.

Interview with a Warez Scene Releaser [TorrentFreak]