Lightascope Makes Your Plasma Look Pretty

Now that flat-screen TVs are popping up everywhere, it makes sense to take advantage of them to the fullest. After all, you might not be watching that much television, but you did plunk down three grand for the set. Might as well put it to good use. With Lightascope, you can turn your high-def plasma or LCD TV into tripped out visuals for parties a beautiful work of art. It slides over the set’s screen and allows light to come through via slits in the plastic.

Seems like a glorified dust-cover to me, but apparently the Lightascope is still supposed to look good even after your TV has been turned off. If you want one, you’ll have to hope there’s a size for you. Lightascope only comes in 32-inch, 42-inch, and 50-inch models, which retail for $99, $149, and $199, respectively.

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