Sex Offenders Complain About Removed PCs

Over in Minnesota, a group of imprisoned sex offenders are pissed off because guards confiscated PCs they were using in their cells/rooms. So like any American, they took it to a court of appeals, only to have it shot down by a judge with half a brain. I’m guessing the court appearance went something like this:

Judge: Why should I let a group of sex offenders keep their PCs?

Inmates: So we can…ahh…keep up with…current events. Ya know. And we want to
post videos of Bob getting shanked in the shower.

Judge: Yeah, I’m going to have to go with “No” on this one.

Inmates: Damn.

I think the ruling was, to say the least, a smart decision on the court’s part. I mean, does anyone want a bunch of convicted sex offenders and rapists playing WoW or posting videos on YouTube? Didn’t think so.

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