Sprint Launches Two Low-End Phones, Monsieurs M510 and M300


2007 is the year of the smooth phone. Case in point: the two newly released clamshells from Sprint/Samsung. The M300 is a basic phone with a clever mirror finish on the front and it supports Bluetooth and Spring Vision. VGA camera, yadda yadda. It’s 3.6 inches long and offers 3.2 hours of talk time. There’s an external 96×96 pixel color screen and an internal 128×160 pixel screen. No price or availability.

The M510

Then we’ve got the M510. It’s a bit bigger — 3.7 inches long — and it has 1.3-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, as well as Sprint TV and Sprint Music store. It can also record and playback audio.

The M300
I played with some of the features and was surprised by the peppy UI and menu system. The M510, has an entirely new UI with a set of icons along the left side for Sprint Vision and On-Demand access. I’m really digging the M300’s design, as well. The front face is almost reflective and the smaller screen shines through when you get a call.

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