Symantec Suing Eight Companies Over Piracy

Sheesh. I wonder if Symantec is going after the guy TorrentFreak interviewed. I doubt it, as Symantec is attacking eight companies it says illegally copied its software to avoid licensing fees. The software maker is looking for $55 million in damages and jury trials, meaning this just isn’t a case of Joe Blow burning a copy of Norton AntiVirus for his co-worker.

According to the lawsuit, Symantec says that the companies engaged in trademark infringement, copyright infringement, fraud, unfair competition, trafficking in counterfeit labels and documentation, and false advertising. The names of the alleged companies have been withheld so far, but Symantec wants blood and it seems as if someone has really screwed them out of a couple million bucks. Sucks to be a software maker in 2007.

Symantec sues eight companies over software piracy [Yahoo! News]