JVC Announces Three Second Generation HDTVs


Earlier today JVC announced its second-generation Clear Motion Drive high-speed LCD HDTVs. Keep in mind that JVC was the first to introduce this technology with a 120Hz refresh rate last year. So, come Fall, the new sets will be kickin’ out the jams like nobody’s business.

CMD II isn’t the only bump in performance you’ll notice with the second-generation sets. The HD panels will use JVC’s fifth-generation D.I.S.T (Digital Image Scaling Technology) engine on a 32-bit Genessa chip coupled with a 10-bit panel to deliver more than one billion colors. Each set will offer three HDMI 1.3 inputs so feel free to go buck wild. It gets better because JVC wants to ensure that their design mantra of “maximum screen, minimum cabinet” is noticed on the next generation with a bezel that measures less than 1.5-inches all the way around. Think about that one for minute. Frothing yet? You should be.

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