Samsung Develops 8GB MicroSD Card

Not too sure how many of you use music phones out there in lieu of an iPod, but if you do, Samsung has some exciting news. Today, the company announced that it has developed an 8GB microSD card. This new model has an 8MB/sec write-speed, as opposed to the previous 2MB/sec speed on older cards. This is great news, because transferring 8GB of videos and music is just not what I call a fun time.

In case you were wondering, 8GB is enough for two or three ripped and edited DVDs. You could also throw 2000 songs on there as well, ensuring that no matter how long the flight, train ride, or jog, you’ll have non-stop tunes for sure. Samsung hasn’t put a release date on the chip yet, but I’d imagine sometime next year you’ll see these in stores.

Samsung readies 8GB microSD card for music phones [Electronista]