Soccer Gadgets Just In Time For The FA Cup


This Saturday is the FA Cp final over in Ingerland, when newly crowned EPL champions Manchester United face Chelsea, whose coach was just arrested because his dog is crazy. Something dog-related at any rate. So Shiny Shiny, the premiere Web site for shiny stuff, put together a list of the Top 10 Bestest Football Gadgets. And they are…


Well, I’m not gonna sit here and totally rip off their list, but the most practical item on it is the soccer umbrella hat. I imagine it’ll be raining when the new Wembley opens its doors to the drunken public that day, just like it was during yesterday’s UEFA Cup final in Glasgow. Put this hat on and commence with the cursing of the other team.

English soccer has too many long balls for my taste, but ManU has done a fine job outscoring Chelsea 80 billion to one this year, so my money, such as it is, is on them. Go team, go!

Yes, it’s the FA Cup Final: Top Ten Football Gadgets [Shiny Shiny]