Apple Being Sued Over Laptop Displays

If there’s even a minor flaw in a product, there’s money to be made by lawyers and PC fanboys. A San Diego filing for a class-action law suit by Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley is the latest legal trouble for the Cupertino company. The lawsuit claims that Apple was marketing Macbook and Macbook Pro displays as if they were god’s gift to mankind. Claims are made that the Macbook Pro displays are too “grainy” and “sparkly” and that Apple uses dithering techniques to achieve higher color depths than actually possible.

Huh? Sounds like a load of rubbish to me. I bought a Macbook a month ago and I’m absolutely in love with it. No problems, screen issues, etc. Greaves and Gatley also claim the Apple Genius Bar associates told them they were “too picky” about the quality of the display, which sounds right on the money. Want insane quality? Go drop $5,000 on a Sony BRAVIA. It’s a laptop for crying out loud.

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