Exclusive New Transformers Trailer Available

We here at the CG are very excited for the upcoming Transformers film. Unfortunately, the past two trailers the studio has been showing are just not that great and really don’t give you a good feel for the movie. But now, thanks to Michael Bay and Yahoo!, an exclusive trailer has been put up on Yahoo! Movies in 480p, 720p, and frickin’ 1080p if you need to wake up your eyes a bit. The “exclusive trailer” showcases all the robots in the movie and hints at the plot and story-line a little more than previous trailers have.

Truth be told, I was starting to lose interest in the July 4th release, but after watching this new trailer in 720p, I’m totally psyched again for it. You absolutely have to check it out. Hit the link below for the goods.

Transformers Exclusive Trailer [Yahoo! Movies]