Apple Prepped to Kill Off 17-Inch iMac?


Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Apple, as we know the company today, can trace it’s recent successes (and, truly, failures) to one single model of Macintosh: the iMac. When the inexpensive all-in-one was introduced in 1998, shockwaves of lust were felt across the PC ecosphere. And with the Internet blossoming, this was the perfect time to market to first-time computer buyers. This was a good thing.

The iMac was really the first Mac for the masses since the original, and remains a hot seller for consumer-level users. Apple, though, is forcing consumers to buy-up just a little bit, as word is trickling out that the low-end, now-17-inch $999 Intel iMac will be discontinued, and will be replaced by the $1,499 20-inch model. Fear not, gentle reader, as we’re sure there will be price drops to accompany the 20-incher’s move to the low rung on the ladder, probably dropping to the $1,199 price point. Given that the machine includes 1GB RAM, a 250GB HD, a 20-inch screen and a SuperDrive, it’s a fantastic deal at that price.

Look for the drops to happen somewhere either just before or just after Apple’s WWDC conference early next month, as getting these powerful Macs into the hands of consumers is what propels the developers to attend such conventions.

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