Casio Introduces EXILIM Zoom EX-Z1200

Today, Casio stopped counting megapixels. It today decided that overkill is a the new black and with this newly found idea comes the EX-Z1200. This monster packs the ability to shoot photos at a rediculous 12.1-megapixel resolution. Features include Casio’s image-stabalization technology, 3X optical zoom, the latest EXILIM Engine, version 2.0, a small, thin design, and movie mode. You’ll be able to take some fantastic pictures with this camera, I’m sure.

The EX-Z1200 also has a 2.8-inch wide LCD with extra brightness. It also comes with 34 BestShot features, which allows you to easily set the camera up to take a specific shot in a specific setting. Excited for the next installment in Casio’s EXILIM Zoom lineup? You’ll have to wait until mid-July for the EX-Z1200’s release. It’ll cost $399 and will be available in silver or black.